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Apple and Open Source Issues

Apple is going to have its coveted event on 9.9.14 and will probably bring another revolutionary device, as people assume. It has been 30 years since Mac arrived. It was a revolutionary product back then in 1984 when personal computing was still a far-fetched joke for the geeks and nerds. However, soon Windows arrived and whatever Microsoft did, by hook or crook, changed Apple. The same is happening again.

In 2007, iPhone arrived and changed the course of how the mobile phones will be made in future. This is 2014 and we have already forgotten 2007. While Samsung has been the real competition, several other small players using Android OS has actually shaken Apple heavily.

Before I start my rant, let me tell I don’t own any Apple product except iTunes. Wait, let me confirm. Yes, all my vital organs are intact, so yes, I don’t own any Apple product. And before 2013, I had never used any

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Diary of an Auto-Driver

“All I asked was just 20 Rupees extra on the meter but she gave me an exasperated stare and walked away. Arey, at least I agreed to go by meter!”.

I am just an Autorickshaw-Driver, nothing fancy about it. Is that the way to treat me? She came to me, I didn’t go to her. Well anyways, this is how my day goes usually. I thought, why not jot down some of my feelings and day-to-day experiences, which might make the customers, understand my plight before giving me a flight. Thus, I have asked one of my customers to lend me his blog so that I can share a bit about my life because I don’t get time to blog owing to my extremely busy schedule.

As I was sleeping in my Auto, (Trivia: people of Mumbai call it Rick, people of Hyderabad call it Aeto) very early in the morning at around 9 AM, 2 guys came to me and woke me up. Without any decency they asked me if I would go to MG Road? Rubbing my eyes

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Going to Vote Baby!

I can’t promise to not put up a candid inked selfie of my index finger after I vote tomorrow. It has been such a long time I last voted, in 2009 twice and both the times, the people for whom I voted, lost. Well, voting is the least I can do to contribute something to the country, if not pollution, population and generally dissing the system. And I am excited about voting. (baby!)

Everyone wants to believe that they’re important. Everyone wants to express and believe that people listen to them. That’s why we post status messages on Facebook and Tweet about what are eating for dinner. But when it comes to expressing about who they want to see as their political leader, you are bombarded with aggressive replies, showered with cynicism and painted some-tard by the others and occasional shoe hurlings DUCK!. I will try with this post to ruffle your hair with love and affection and ask you to

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It is slightly difficult being an Atheist, I feel. Without enraging a lot of people, one cannot follow/unfollow what one wants, when one wants, religion-wise. Personally, I do think there’s a higher (or lower but what is up and down) power which somehow controls things to avoid falling into one another but I also think that for the higher power, I am equally important as the electric poles which are used by dogs. So I am confused about the category of my religious inclination towards something I don’t understand.

In few years I will be reaching 30. Sigh. (And you’re not getting any younger either by the way, so don’t smirk). And since I can conclude that I have lived at least 1/3rd of my life already, I have become more confused than clear about the concept of religion. Too much Breaking Bad, South Park, Game of Thrones and real life examples of dwindling morals seen in the trailing

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When Nature Wants, It Takes It Back

There’s a garden near my apartment which ‘was’ used by the people for jogging, playing milder outdoor games and good old sitting and chatting (and romancing). Since last month, it has been taken over by birds from far and wide and humans have been ousted. Cool, I say!

Those birds are probably migratory, as there’s a lake nearby but isn’t this in itself a feat! The whole place is now white in color thanks to the bird’s shit and it smells like a chicken cage. But people cannot go there anymore. A lock has been installed outside the gate and place is not indefinitely inaccessible for humans. Isn’t this a rare occasion? A garden 500 square meter right between the city surrounded by houses from all sides has now been taken away from people.

I guess this is a very minute example of the fact that we humans take our self too seriously. We plan, build and live considering that everything is

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The Art vs The Artist

Music is pretty much like religion. If you force it on to someone, it leaves a very peculiar taste in mouth. And so goes with any other kind of art form as well but you can’t close your ears to the music around.

Mostly people don’t distinguish between the two. If an artist has created something genius, the artist is considered to be a genius as well. Fandom of theirs starts considering them Godlike. All their moves, gestures, antics and styles are imitated. And then a certain point comes when even if the artist creates lowest grade of work by their own and general standard, no fan can ought to take it like a good loser. Although it is perfectly okay to be a non-genius sometimes but who will tell this to the fan!

There are certain songs which are easy to listen. Listen to it once, you will like or dislike it. Like ‘Get Lucky’ of Daft Punk. Listen to it once, and automatically your foot

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Going Offline

To start the first post on a new blogging platform with ‘Going Offline’ as the title is mildly awkward but this is what I am going to write about to debut on Svbtle.

My aim in 2014 to go off the Google Search. Or to at least push my name to second page of Google Search and let others who bear the same name get the chance to the show their mettle, if any. On the images link, I want no image of me lurking around from any social media website barring the ones already published on any news media site because one cannot ask them to bring the pics down. To achieve this, I have already decided to stay social but stay low profile. That is, I have removed all the pictures where I happen to be tagged on Facebook. Set the privacy settings on Facebook (oxymoron?) to ‘only me’ on all the profile pictures and deleted all the always-public cover pictures.

On Twitter, the aim is to collate the ideas

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